Countries That Export the Most Bicycles to EU Countries Announced

Statista announced that European Union countries imported more than 5 million bicycles over the past year. Detailing this research, the institution shows that Turkey is an important bicycle manufacturer for the European Union. Because Turkey alone met 7 percent of 5 million imports.

Statista, which enables important statistics to reach the public with its research based on official data, European Statistical OfficeHe carried out a new study with the data he received from . This research, which shows from which countries the bicycles imported to Europe are purchased the most, An important bicycle manufacturer for Europe reveals that.

Statistics revealed based on the data of 2020, the European Union in 2020 more than 5 million reveals that it is importing bicycles. Although this figure seems to be low, there has been an increase in bicycle import compared to 2019. 35 percent increaseThe interest shown by the European Union countries to bicycles is increasing day by day. increased is showing. So where is Turkey in this import?

Here are the countries that export the most bicycles to the European Union

Bicycle export to Europe

According to the results of the research announced by Statista, the European Union countries were the most CambodiaImported bicycles from In fact, 1 out of every 4 imported bicycles was obtained from Cambodia. This country with an export rate of 17 percent. China followed. Taiwan11 percent of BangladeshThe research showing that Turkey has an export share of 8 percent, Turkeyrevealed that it has a share of 7 percent. Accordingly, we can say that Turkey is the fifth country from which the European Union imports the most bicycles. Our country respectively Philippines and Sri Lanka followed.


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The research shows that the European Union for bicycle imports during the past year. 930 million euros It shows what you spend. Turkey, with its 7% pie share, is approximately 65 million 100 thousand euros became the owner of the division. The fact that different reasons such as the coronavirus pandemic pushing people to a natural life and the prevention of environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels direct people to bicycles, Europe’s bicycle imports this year also will increase makes you think.

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