Covid-19 Vaccine Forms Strong Immunity

US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson said that the Covid-19 vaccine they produced created a strong immunity in clinical trials. Studies are underway for the vaccine, which is equally effective in two doses in a single dose.

US-based pharmaceutical company on ongoing vaccine studies to prevent coronavirus pandemic Johnson & Johnson (J&J), they produce Covid-19 He said that the vaccine showed very strong immunity to the virus in clinical trials. Stating that the vaccine named “Ad26.COV2.S” is equally effective on two doses in a single dose, J&J said that distribution will be made much easier for this reason.

Approximately until now 1000 adults At this stage, it is not known how the vaccine, which is clinically tested, will have an effect on the elderly population. Immune response of young participants in clinical trials 64 percent Around the age of 65, this rate remained at a relatively low level of 36 percent for people over 65.

Will be tried on 60 thousand people

J&Jwill now try this strongly immunized vaccine on 60,000 people. After these tests are successful, they will apply to the US Food and Drug Administration for use permit and mass production. Company officials, 3rd phase aims to conclude this last phase in late 2020 or early 2021 and start mass production of the vaccine.


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J&J with the US government on August 5 100 million doses for vaccine production and distribution $ 1 billion signed an agreement. If this last phase takes place smoothly, the production of vaccines will begin to be distributed all over the world in a short time.

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