Crawl Movie's First Trailer Released

A fragment of the movie Crawl, a hurricane in the state of Florida, has been published. The film will be released on July 12.

The trailer for the movie 'Crawl', which will be screened by Paramount Pictures, has been released. Crawl, which will appear as a horror thriller, will be released on July 12th. To give a brief description of the subject of the film before moving on to the trailer of Crawl,

a hurricane occurred in the state of Florida, USA, and the hurricane is classified into category 5 (hurricanes according to their severity. ) enters. Haley, a local resident, loses a woman during a hurricane. Despite all the warnings, Haley is determined to save his father.


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Haley, who finds his father seriously injured, tries to get rid of the intruders in the region encounter. There are many crocodiles and Haley has no choice but to survive. Alexandre Aja is the director of Crawl, starring Kaya Scodelario. Crawl, as expected by moviegoers, the film team will be waiting for a work with excitement. Here is the Crawl 's published trailer: