Creating the Easiest Way to Create Cinemagraph with PhotoMirage

Corel's new photo application, Corel's new photo application, announced by Corel, one of the leading software companies, is a great addition to the list of users who love cinemagraph style effects. It's kind of like software. However, there is an important feature that distinguishes this practice from others. Because PhotoMirage can make your photos motionless without video.

Normally, short video clips are required to obtain cinemagraphic images (such as Plotagraph).

With PhotoMirage, you can take pictures in minutes and add them to the areas you want to animate, animating the image, drawing the connection point to separate areas of your choice, and so on.

In addition to the basic creation steps, the application with the advanced selection tools that allow you to get better results such as "Smart photo fix" and "Visibility layers" is very practical in this regard.

It is possible to export moving pictures you have created in MP4, WMV or GIF formats in the sizes you have selected. Besides, it is possible to share the cinemagraphs you created directly with Instagram. As for the price of PhotoMirage. The application is now on sale with a price tag of $ 70 but you can use the free trial version for 15 days. You can click here to go to Corel's official website, purchase or learn more about the software.