Credit Card Borrowers, Ziraat Bank Will Give Credit

President Erdoğan talked about his new structuring plan for citizens who cannot pay their credit card debt.

President Erdoğan made some important statements about his credit card debts and configuration today in his party's group meeting. Erdoğan said that debts will be collected on a single roof, and that the debts will be collected on a single roof.

Here are Erdogan's statements:

"Credit card debt to citizens who have difficulty in paying their credit card debt, credit card debt will be collected under a single roof. No matter what bank, debts will be closed with the credit received here. This will pay the debt according to the monthly income. The credit notes of citizens with debts or executions are significantly reduced. Therefore, it was not possible for citizens to attract loans from different banks. No explanation has yet been made on how to develop a formula.


            Credit Card Payment Transactions on the Internet increased by 4x in 5 Years






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