Credit Card Information of Hundreds of People Played

Three counterfeit banking applications that have infiltrated the Play Store have stolen hundreds of people's credit card information and shared it online.

The targets of pirate pirates are usually the holding companies or banks that have the potential to generate huge profits. However, the cyber hackers who can not reach the database of the company or the banks direct their targets directly to the customers. The most popular way that cyber pirates resorted to data theft over the last few years is smartphones that we have not dropped off on.


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Esset, a security technology company based in Slovakia, has identified three counterfeit banking applications in Play Store, the official application store of the Android operating system.

According to an announcement made by Eset, three apps that were added to the Play Store in India, India and India, were launched in India in June and July 2018, according to a statement by Eset, which informed Android of the owner of Android as soon as possible. to increase credit card limits for Android users. Users who believe in this promise will fill out the form presented by the cyber hijackers to increase their credit card limits and thus give all the card information to the cyber pirates.


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Google removed these apps from the Play Store, but hundreds of people lost their card information due to these applications. Moreover, this information was shared openly as a text file in the online environment. Eset warned all smartphone users to check whether the applications they downloaded were official.