Crucible Returns to Closed Beta

Crucible, Amazon Games’ first big budget game released last month, returns to closed beta from tomorrow. Players who want to play the game in the closed beta must already add the game to the Steam library.

The first big budget game of Amazon Games CrucibleIt was released late last month. Published on the PC platform for a free way to play the game on Steam tomorrow at 19.00 hours with Turkey closed beta will go back to the process.

“Well what does it mean?” Crucible, in the simplest terms, is now by new players. not downloaded however, those who have already played the game will still be able to access it without interruption. Amazon, who posted an announcement on Crucible’s website, active players for those who want to play the game in the future, library he says he should add.

Posted blog in his article “If you have friends who want to be part of the Crucible beta, you can encourage them to play the game before tomorrow morning.” expressions, the company will start the game in the near future ‘I ‘ He says he can sign up on his website.

Crucible did not achieve some kind of expected success:

Crucible, which was released free to play last month, managed to attract a little attention in its early days. Instantly a month ago 25 145 The game that broke its own record by playing by the player could not achieve the desired success in the following periods, even at the peak of the last 24 hours only 159 simultaneous players played by.

The reason for this bad trend is not exactly known, but the game’s release is the popular game of Riot Games. VALORANT Coinciding with the same period, not enough advertising, Amazon’s inexperience and not giving enough support to the game may play a role in not reaching the desired numbers.


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Crucible free to play PvP action shooter game before returning to closed beta Steam your library to add and play without interruption in closed beta process here you can click on the link and access the Steam page of the game.

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