Crypto has experienced a declining decline in money market

Bitcoin lost hundreds of dollars in value in the short time since noon (today) on September 5th. The same axis and harder declines are observed in other crypto parcels on the market.

The crypto money market, which is experiencing unexpected volatility throughout the year, is not recovering with sanctions in many countries where there are many investors. Bitcoin, the most precious crypto currency that swept over 7,000 dollars, fell on Wednesday 5th of September (today) at noon, almost as if it was hit by a wall.

Bitcoin, which traded around $ 7350 during the morning hours in Asian, European and US markets, fell to 7 thousand dollars after the downturn:

Last 24-hour US dollar value graph of Bitcoin as of September 15th at 15.30

Bitcoin falling below the psychological threshold of 7 thousand dollars after this retirement fell to around 6980 dollars. Ethereum fell by about $ 256 with a 10% depreciation.

Speculation is taking place because the crypto money exchange ShapeShift's investors are exploiting the worries.

The last 24 hours value of the most valuable 5 crypto currencies is unknown.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission's proposal to recognize Bitco as an official investment instrument has been rejected in the past few weeks. Nevertheless, rising crypto money in the recent days has made it possible for investors to earn money in the short term.