Crypto Money Mining Project: Module

Delivering mobile solutions for cloud storage and blockchain development projects, the Module will launch a pre-sale period for the MODL token in just a few days. Those who want to buy the MODL token during the pre-sale period will get a bonus of 7 percent. A MODL price is set at $ 0.008.

Module project's goal is to create an easy-to-use platform for crypto-money mining and cloud storage. The project aims to use millions of unused storage spaces around the world to make crypto money mining. The implementation of the project can be used by anyone interested in the cryptographic money sector, but the module specifically addresses those who want to create their own decentralized application.

There are more than two billion telephones worldwide, with an average of 32GB of storage space. Many people do not use all of this area. This means that there is a significant amount of unused space in the world's phones. With the solution provided by the Module project, companies can benefit from these unused areas and phone owners can receive prizes for sharing their own areas. In practice, there will be a cipher at the customer's angle and a feature called 'secret sharing'. With this feature, sensitive information is encrypted, fragmented and then stored in different locations.

Among the purposes of the Module project are anyone offering crypto money mining to offer equal opportunity. We can say that one of the company's biggest goals is to make crypto money mining really democratic. Toshiki Tashiro, CEO of the company, comments:

"We created the Module project to demolish the mining monopoly in the cryptographic world. We do this by making mining mobile. Anyone with a mobile device can reach my app and start earning revenue. This process will be even more environmentally friendly over time. "

Pre-sale of the Module project will begin on July 16th. Module

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