Daemonical, Free on Steam this Weekend

Daemonical, one of the most important examples of horror-thriller games in the last period, can be played for free this weekend for those who are curious and want to try. At the same time, the game you can buy in case you like it, you can buy it from 18,75 TL instead of 25 TL with 25% discount in this process.


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Daemonical, which is currently in early access and developed by Fearem, is a kind of horror and adventure game, but it usually consists of monsters that suddenly come out.

When a group of people go to a place to survive until sunrise, the demons who travel around the island because of an unfinished demon are either sending hell or escaping from it to dawn they will have the option of getting rid of them. Daemonical, with its dark forests and navigations in the buildings and gloomy scenes, is quite similar to Dead by Daylight, and the power is getting more and more crowded because it is a hide-and-seek game or a match.


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For this reason, it would be a good option to try this weekend and buy it if you like it, without much hearing about it in the future.