Daimler Claims to Use Trick Software

German officials recently reported that Daimler had found some software in Daimler's allegedly improperly contaminated software. Daimler also confirmed that it faces regulatory investigations on Sunday

according to the German Bild am Sonntag newspaper, the Federal Motor Transport Agency (KBA) launched a formal hearing procedure. Germany's Stuttgart-based automobile giant confirmed this hearing procedure. Yaklaşık We are fully cooperating with the Federal Motor Transport Authority and are reviewing the situation, Bild said Daimler, sözler We will present our opinion to the KBA during the trial period. The 220 CDI model vehicle was affected by this problem. While the alleged software allegedly reduced nitrous oxide emissions during the test conditions, the vehicles were actually spreading harmful gases above the legally permitted limit. [19459004]             German Automotive Giant Daimler Acquires Torc Robotics for Autonomous Trucks

Last year, the KBA ordered Daimler to recall a total of 700,000 vehicles worldwide, including 280,000 in Germany, for the software they used. Germany, which has been taking serious measures since the diesel scandal that Wolksvagen had lived in 2015, looks like Daimler will be scared of his head.