Dark Mode For WhatsApp Coming Soon

The Dark Mode, which is expected for years, will be available soon, according to the latest information.

Whatsapp, which has gained many new features recently, still has a very significant shortage. On both Android and iOS platforms, WhatsApp, which doesn't offer 'Dark Mode', is working on this feature based on the latest information from

. There are many things that point to this situation. We hope that it will work fully compatible for Android and iOS devices with OLED display. " WABetaInfo, which usually reveals features in the coming period by examining WhatsApp APK files, also announced Twitter's Dark Mode feature.


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With the increase of OLED display devices, the Dark Mode, which started to come up more and more, is also a very important feature for those who use phones at night. A different detail has not yet been shared about what is to be found soon in WhatsApp.