Data protection: Linkedin no longer wants to read the iOS clipboard

Reading the clipboard was a bug, not a feature: it was not intended that the LinkedIn iOS app should access the clipboard and should be changed immediately. The operator of the social network said so.

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Linkedin said the US online news service ZDNetthat the error should be fixed quickly. He has already been found, wrote LinkedIn department manager Erran Berger on twitter. The app checks whether the content that is entered in a text field is identical to that in the clipboard. The contents of the clipboard are neither saved nor transferred.

Other apps can also read

The LinkedIn app is not the only one: in the past few days, it has become known that various iOS apps access the clipboard, including those from Tiktok. However, the Tiktok app was intentionally accessed. The social network justified this with protection against spam.

This was noticed because the new iOS version points out when an app accesses the clipboard. One user had the error at the end of the week via Twitter made public. The LinkedIn app on his iPad read the clipboard from his Macbook.

Apple recently released version 14 of its iOS mobile operating system. It should come out in autumn. There is currently only one developer version. A public beta version is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

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