Datça Municipality Asks for a Name Proposal for New Crypto Money

Crypto currency trading is most common between the countries of entering a new crypto money coming from Turkey. Datça Municipality is preparing to issue a new digital currency, according to the tweet it posted from its official Twitter account. Suggestions continue to come to the municipality, which asks its followers for new money.

With the increasing use and investment of cryptocurrencies, new ‘altcoin’ler continues to be developed. A new cryptocurrency startup from our country also comes from a district municipality. Announcing the situation to the public on his Twitter account Datça Municipality, is currently in search of names for the new digital currency. Twitter users who make suggestions for the name of the coin are also questioning the reality of the event.

2009’da Bitcoin’le crypto money technology, which started, has attracted the attention of the whole world with its increasing Bitcoin and altcoin values. One of the biggest reasons for this is that these coins can be used independently and securely. Of course, the desire to get rich easily and quickly plays a big role in people’s investment in these money. Our country, which has adapted very easily to this trend, is investing in coins, and even steps are being taken to develop new cryptocurrencies.

Datça Municipality issues digital money

datça municipality crypto money


Datça Municipality Launches One of its Tweet for Sale as NFT: Its Revenue Will Be Donated to Female Students in Need

This is not the first time we have witnessed Datça Municipality’s adaptation to such trends. The district municipality of Muğla had previously participated in the NFT craze and put up for sale a Tweet that it shared for Valentine’s Day. The tweet was bought by Bitexen for $ 6000, and the money was donated to female students in need.

Datça Municipality, which was put on the stock market with NFT, which is a type of crypto money, has not been able to get its speed and this time will issue crypto money. tweet shared. Suggestion comments from many users came to the posted tweet, and of course the jokes were not missing. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

“Ak Datçe is for a dark day”

datça municipality crypto money

A local approach: DuruCoin

datça municipality crypto money

“But not at all?”

datça municipality crypto money

The most recommended name with its similarity to Bitcoin: DatCoin

datça municipality crypto money

DatCoin logo from Twitter user

datça municipality crypto money

While many people follow this event with positive interest, there are many who do not believe it and think it is a joke. Many users even tweeted criticism that the municipality should have other priorities. What are you thinking? Do you think this initiative is real? Or is it a logical decision? You can express your thoughts in the comments section.

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