Deadpool Movie Director, A New Animation for Netflix

Tim Miller, who is seen as the director of the film Deadpool, will shoot a film about death, robots and love for Netflix. David Fincher and Tim Miller are among the names he has agreed on for the new projects of the platform.


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Miller and Fincher will produce a new animated series. Robots, a story built on death and love will be told the name of the series will already be Love, Death & Robots. In the series consisting of 18 chapters, some chapters will be prepared as 2D, some chapters will be CG and the section lengths will vary from 5 to 15 minutes. Rather than follow a single story, rather than an anthology, the animations will be from many different genres from science fiction, comedy to fantasy.


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Miller, for his part in this production, showed his love for telling extraordinary stories and animating. Fincher is currently working with the company since 2012 and is the producer of the House of Cards.