Deepmind: Google's AI subsidiary has more than € 1 billion in debt

The British AI research firm Deepmind owes the parent company Alphabet – which is also subject to Google – more than a billion euros. The reports the science magazine Seeking Alpha in a short message. The borrowed money should therefore be repaid this year. Google acquired the then independent company Deepmind in 2014. Alphabet is currently the only customer. To a certain extent, the researchers are still working as an independent company with their own management structures and financial resources.

Job market

  1. BWI GmbH, Bonn, Munich
  2. Knorr-Bremse Systems for Commercial Vehicles GmbH, Schwieberdingen

As early as 2017, Deepmind has increased its debt burden from 330 million euros to 510 million euros, although the researchers could also double the company's turnover: to 110 million euros. However, this was not enough due to the increased personnel costs, which rose to 430 million euros. According to the last census of December 2017, the company has about 700 employeesthat deal with deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Deepmind is known for various programs that can learn, understand and apply complex relationships in different situations. One of these projects is the AI ​​Alphazero, which defeats human players reliably in the board games of chess, the Japanese version of Shogi and Go.

Starcraft 2 AI (brutal)

Currently, a modification of this system is also being developed: Alphastar. The program lends itself to strategies and the control of the real-time strategy game and E-Sport title Starcraft 2 and was able to defeat human opponents such as the German Progamer and Zerg player Liquid TLO by very unusual and unpredictable tactics. Also in the public European Starcraft ladder, the program has played incognito against humans games.

Deepmind is also active in the medical sector and has its own department with Deepmind Health. According to Seeking Alpha, Google has planned to take over this division itself. The process has not been completed yet.