Destructive Blockchain solution in online advertising CryptoAds ICO is approaching the end

In the past days, we had the opportunity to meet with founder and CEO Oleksii Vinogradov of CryptoAds, a decentralized advertising distribution center working with artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology.

Popular CallFreeCalls (CFC ) CryptoAds, a brilliant meeting of people behind VOIP practice, is in the middle of the ICO, which will take place on July 17.

Vinogradov, a successful entrepreneur and investor over 25 years, is also the founding partner of Heartln Inc.

Give us some information about CryptoAds

OV: CryptoAds is a decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on the Ethereum block chain.

How does the platform work?

OV: All of our platform, now we have a CRAD token, available via ICO 's, to our advertisers

Advertisers also access a personalized dashboard with a personalized interface that displays real-time key operational tracking, management and analysis indicators.

This also allows advertisers to set prices, set pricing, initiate advertising campaigns, and launch advertising campaigns

Users can also see bids placed by advertisers in the system. If a user finds the offer interesting, he can accept it and apply it.

This means publishers will be able to integrate into their own applications so that they can offer similar offers to their own subscriptions, and that they will be able to offer advertisements in the form of advertising hosting

We also plan to add an online trading platform or marketplace where users will be able to purchase games collections, subscriptions to services, and ultimately merchandise, using the CRAD token in the near future.

] What are the greatest features of CryptoAds in your life?

OV: Providing secure solutions for completely transparent, brands, digital advertisers, marketing experts, content publishers and everyday online users. r platform. We make it possible for them to trade directly. This reduces the number of intermediaries and therefore costs. At this point, sometimes the value of the ad is lost between the advertiser and the end user up to 1000 per cent. Our system is removing it.

How does Blockchain technology help the international advertising ecosystem?

OV: Blockchain allows us to generate transaction history (good or bad) for each user or advertiser on the platform. This makes it possible to make special offers with higher paying customers with high ratings through smart contracts.

After transferring all the advertising transactions and contracts to Blockchain, we will be able to use it to store the entire transaction history of our users and advertisers. As a result, our users will have the opportunity to improve their evaluations to receive better advertising prospects in the future, while using a completely transparent system to evaluate customers.

This will prevent and protect any fraudulent, deceptive or other inappropriate behavior or conduct. The same goes for advertisers.

OV: At the moment, we have about 100 contracts with advertisers and more than 7 million users who can benefit from their proposals. While carefully following the proposals to ensure that they are of good quality, we want to double that number in the short vault. We want to increase the number of game studios we work with and reach as many contracts as possible. So they will use our platform on their own systems. We aim to promote the user base to approximately 40 million users and encourage interaction with the system in order to receive more rewards.

What are your future plans: first three months, first year?

OV: Our priority plan for the first three months after concluding ICO this month, we have 2 thousand transactions per day integration of our present work. We will launch a fully integrated platform in six months and aim to generate revenue between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million per month.

How do you plan to protect users from hacking and dishonesty?

OV: Our users who buy tokens worth $ 200 will not only have tokens but also other assets at the same time we offer a special hardware wallet that protects We also have built-in security functions developed with counterfeiters. The system is designed to exclude any system attempting fraudulent behavior.

The ICO of CryptoAds, now in its final stages, will be finalized on July 17, 2018.

More information about CryptoAds can be found at

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