Details of Battlefield V 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Mod

The Battle Royale V of the much anticipated Battle Royale mode has become apparent.

Battlefield V, introduced in June last year, is getting more and more detailed. As of today, the new video on the Battlefield YouTube channel reveals details of the game, Firestorm, the Battle Royale mode.

As you can see on the video, Battlefield V with Firestorm mode leaves little difference from other Battle Royale games. The 16-player mode, which can be played in 4-player teams, will be played on a 64-player map as if it were in the same Conquest mode. However, the map of the Firestorm mode will be the largest map you can see in a Battlefield game.

The area contraction ration of PUBG and Fortnite is considered somewhat unrealistic. In Battlefield V it seems to be quite realistic and frightening. The Firestorm mode, which replaces the eye with a real fire storm, brings with it new innovations.


In the same battlefield mode, the same 'destructibility of buildings' and vehicle-oriented style of play,
            Deleted Battlefield V Expected Release Date of Curiously Expected

EA and Dice claim that Battlefield V will be a long-running game, with the video providing important information about the game's 'War Stories' mode. Postponed to November 20th, Battlefield V can now be played in beta by pre-orderers. At the same time, the game will enter the open beta process, where everyone can participate as of September 6.