Developed Drone That Can Find Survivors Crying for Help

In Germany, scientists have developed technology that can locate victims from their cries for help and help them more quickly. This technology is planned to be integrated into drones.

Superman’in soar into the air from miles away cry for help We all know the scene he heard and came to help. In seconds where does the sound come from This ability of Superman, who found and rushed to help, was heard. impossible Although it may seem like a feature, a group of researchers in Germany drone’a succeeded in transmitting.

As crazy as it sounds, this drone cry for help You can understand where they are from the voices of people who throw their location can report to the authorities.

A project with potential

search and rescue drone

in Germany Fraunhofer FKIE Developed in research facilities, this drone is actually standart bir drone’un slightly modified. In his research DJI Matrix M600 Using the drone, the team hovered over the drone. microphones He placed it in a place where he could detect and follow the sounds. developed an algorithm. According to the statement of the team that developed this technology İHA’lar including capable of carrying 1 kilogram of weight This search and rescue technology can be integrated into any vehicle.

From the project team Macarena varela in its statement, We develop a technology that can save lives in the event of natural disasters and catastrophessaid.

every minute matters

search and rescue drone

In the Varela statement, like earthquakes natural disasters passing for the survivors when every minute He said it was very important. Thanks to this technology the agility of the drone It can be detected where the sound is coming from, and search and rescue teams can quickly can be directed to the right spot. thus It is aimed to save many more lives in a much shorter time.

Stating that they are currently working on a software that will distinguish screaming sounds from other sounds, Varela said, “We’ve been working on filtering out different sounds over the years. We were able to filter out very loud helicopter noise recently. In this way, we will be able to help people with this technology no matter where and how disasters occur. said.


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Stating that they are still developing the project and that they have a long way to go, Varela said that their main target is fully autonomous voice sensitive rescue drone stated that.

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