Developing a System to Remove Falling Astronauts

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are developing a system to remove astronauts that will fall on our natural satellites during the Moon missions in the coming years.

NASA is working on technologies that will send people back to the Moon. The recently developed NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) system is focused on removing astronauts falling on the Moon. When an astronaut falls to the ground on the moon's surface, he can't stand up because of the heavy clothing on him.

ESA's LESA prototype is planned to solve this problem. Tested at the bottom of the ocean due to its great resemblance to the lunar environment, the device helps astronauts pick up a fallen teammate.

According to ESA's statements, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up the system and remove the fallen teammate. Thanks to a crane-like mechanism, the system removes the astronaut and reduces the problems that may occur on the Moon.


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The astronauts who test LESA will wear pressure gloves that restrict agility and perform the test in the EVA Space Garment simulator. The tests will take place in an underwater environment known as Aguarius.

Officials said that ESA participated in NASA's NEEMO duties for 8 years. As a result of the Moon mission expected to take place in 2024, another step will be taken in NASA-ESA partnership.