Developments in Ripple Do Not End – Old Facebook Manager Now in the Ripple World

According to an official statement on July 11 the company behind the third largest crypto currency in terms of market volume, Ripple, is a former Facebook manager Kahina Van Dyke

In this new position, Van Dyke will provide Ripple with strategic partnerships in international financial services and focus on the development of a "new global technology solution for international payments."

Van Dyke

When he was asked, "What is the most difficult issue in today's payments?", Dyke says that it is necessary for cross-border transactions to be carried out for cross-border transactions. used obsolete system is vu and said that this system is "one of the most complicated and complex problems in payments".

Van Dyke, who has more than 20 years of experience in the banking and FinTech sectors, Mastercard and who have more than 20 years of experience in the banking and finTech sectors, have used the phrase "no longer able to serve businesses today's real needs" ] Facebook . According to his LinkedIn profile, Van Dyke has been the Global Manager of the Payment Partnerships and Financial Services Division for more than two years on Facebook and helped to create new payment solutions and financial services.

Van Dyke working on Facebook Citibank,

Ripple chief cryptographer previously in June succeeding in partnering with PayPal, Visa, Western Union and other well- At the beginning of this week Imperial College v a UK-based trading company, said that banks could not use blockchain technology underlying cryptographic currencies to make international payments because of their low scalability and privacy issues. platform eToro side Coin Telegraph Coin Telegraph did not emphasize that cryptographic currencies, such as could be a widespread payment instrument due to the specific capacity to develop cross-border payment systems.