Dimensions of Galaxy S20 Compared to Flagships

Samsung will unveil the highly curious Galaxy S20 series at its Unpacked 2020 event next month. A member of the XDA Developers community produced a sketch of the devices with a 3D printer and compared the dimensions of the existing flagship models.

The mystery of the Samsung Galaxy S20 family is over. South Korean company will be held on February 11 in San Francisco, USA. Unpacked 2020Will introduce its new flagships to the whole world.

Some reports say three models will be introduced at the event, while others claim we will see five different flagship models. In any case, there are three models in the pocket: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be:

galaxy s20

Today, the mobile software development community XDA DevelopersA member of Galaxy S20 models with 3D printer and compared the current flagship models. Firstly Samsung Galaxy S20 with Galaxy S10 models, the S20 is longer, although the ergonomic design and 20: 9 screen says it is easier to use.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and OnePlus 7 Pro

galaxy s20 specifications


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Can Come with 108MP Camera and 1.5TB Total Storage Space

The same can be said of the comparison between Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S10 +. Form is one click larger than its predecessor Galaxy S20 +This will give users a much better display experience. Galaxy S20 Ultra is certainly the most attractive device among these three models.

From Galaxy Note 10 OnePlus 7 Prois expected to be even larger than the flagship, by current standards will be too ambitious. If you wish, you can see all the features we expect to see in the Galaxy S20 series from here You can reach.

Video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 series:

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