Discovering the Earth as a Giant Magnet: Faraday

Having found the first version of electric motors, Michael Faraday, who has a big share in today's technologies, also signed the works to lay the foundations of wireless communication. Let's get to know the bride, Michael Faraday.

The adventure which started with the discovery of electricity by the Italian scientist Alessandro Volta in 1800 is still not over. Michael Faraday's story is quite different from the others, even though there are many scientists who use electricity to guide electrons in our direction,

. He was born into a poor family in London. Faraday's education life, mocked by his friends for not being able to speak the 2 R 45 letter, was not going well at all due to the financial situation of his family and the difficulty in his speech.

Faraday, one of the most important genius of history, left school with the difficulty of the teacher's speech when he was in elementary school:

Faraday, who never attended school with his teacher after this incident, had started working with a bookstore when he was 13 years old. During the day, he was binding books and reading the books he was bounding in the evenings.

One of the clients who came to the shop one day gave Faraday 900 Science for the People 900 event ticket, which changed the life of both Faraday and us. British chemist Humphry Davy was doing some demonstrations using electricity at this event at the Royal Institute in London.

The recognition of Humphry Davy was the first turning point in Faraday's life:

Faraday was very impressed with Davy's show and wrote every experiment he had on his notebook. Binding his notes and trying to give a gift to Davy Faraday, went to the house of the famous chemist the next day. Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to talk to Davy. With one last hope, Faraday gave the book to Davy's aide, and asked him to deliver the book to Davy. Davy immediately lost his sight during an experiment after reading the book, immediately called Faraday and asked him to assist him. Faraday was very happy with the offer, and immediately accepted Davy's assistantship offer.

Farukay continued to work with him after Davy was healed. After an experiment by the English chemist on the magnetization of the wire passing through the electricity, Faraday was very excited to tell Faraday that “You can try it when you are done İngiliz. Michael Faraday immediately got to work and redesigned the experiment. Although he failed in many attempts, he finally succeeded in converting the electric current into mechanical energy and laid the foundation for the electric motors we used today.

Faraday's first discovery brought great sound all over the world:

Humphry Davy did not like Michael Faraday's being spoken by everyone. In order to regain his popularity, Davy had Faraday penalized Faraday, who had taken Faraday out of the laboratory where he was experimenting with producing optical lenses for use in telescopes. As a result of the loss of Davy's life, he terminated this inefficient process and became a laboratory director. Faraday hid a glass brick in his room as a memory of those days. That brick would change his life years later.

Faraday, which continues its electrical experiments, introduces the second major invention after the engine: Generator

Faraday managed to induce electric current using a magnet and series of conductive rings sequentially, showing that electricity can now be produced at any time. Faraday's invention, again, has caused a great resonance all over the world. Let us add that the mechanism you can see in the above photo is currently being exhibited at the Royal Institute. Faraday's efforts to combat serious memory loss and depression had almost stopped

Faraday gathered his strength and continued his experiments, although the illness he had ever caught was never followed. Faraday dreamed of magnetic lines around the magnet and called them et the field hayal, and established the connection between electricity and magnetism.

There was a question in Faraday's mind: Could electricity and magnetism be related to light? I wonder …

Faraday, who began to investigate whether electricity and magnetism are related to light, designed an experimental setup. Reflecting the light from the gas lamp on the lens with the mirror, the inventor tried to change the direction of light's fluctuation with the help of the magnetic field. But what he did did not change the direction of light's fluctuation.

Faraday, who placed many of the liquid and gaseous substances on the magnetic field generating mechanism, could not achieve the desired result. With a last hope, he added the glass brick he had stored years ago and added it to the experimental setup. The result was successful. Faraday succeeded in changing the fluctuation direction of the light with the help of the magnetic field and proved the connection between electricity, magnetism and light.

Faraday's next great discovery came years later: Earth's magnetic field

Faraday, whose silence lasted for many years after this discovery, decided to try it on wires that were passing through a similar experiment based on the shapes formed by the iron powders sprinkled around the magnet. Faraday found a different pattern than he expected.

This experiment enabled Faraday to look at the magnetic fields in a different way. Faraday, who discovered that there were magnetic field lines even though there were no iron powders, actually thought that the Earth was a giant magnet. Nobody had come to mind during the history of mankind. There were unseen magnetic field lines around the earth.

Faraday's ideas, another genius, by James Clerk Maxwell, proved to be insane:

Faraday, who discovered the Earth's magnetic field, shared this discovery with the scientific world. But everyone said that they dreamed of Faraday because of his illness and that what he said required mathematical proof.

James Clerk Maxwell, who will be one of the most important mathematicians of the future, was precisely the time when he studied Faraday's work and was fascinated by the work. Reading all the books written by Faraday and extracting the mathematical formulas of magnetic fields, Maxwell prepared a book explaining his work with formulas and sent it to Faraday.

Faraday's experimental observations were now based on mathematical evidence. The mathematical proofs that Maxwell has made put electromagnetic waves at the disposal of humanity and the foundations of new technology, including the wireless communication that we use today, were laid.

We have come to the end of our article that we shared the works of Michael Faraday which changed his interesting life and the history of mankind with you. We will continue to share the lives of those who have contributed to the world of science in the coming days. Stay close to not to miss:)

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