Discovering the Way to Find Electrical Producing Bacteria

A new knowledge in the field of bacteriology excited the world of science. Scientists, who can now easily identify the electricity produced by some microbes, have explained that wastewater can be treated, and fuel cells can be supplied to energy. In this way, the electricity to be produced can be utilized much more effectively.


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Researchers have discovered that some bacteria have undergone a process such as breathing by producing electricity in oxygen-free or under-oxygen environments. These bacteria can be found in the world on deep mines, lake bottoms and even in human and low oxygen. These organisms that carry out the electricity generation process in their cells, then send these electrons to the environment by means of cell membranes

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The team researching the subject discovered that these bacteria and microbes can be used in a useful form if the electricity they produce is easily discovered. They then developed a technique to discover organisms of this nature. It was possible to carry out this kind of operation with the existing methods, but it was an extremely costly and time consuming process to disclose and classify them by the places where organisms were located. Thanks to a newly developed chip, it can be easily understood whether bacteria have the power to produce electricity.


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The chip is traded as simple as the polarization logic. The mechanism that allows bacteria to pass through the channels found in it, detects the production of electrons and divides them into sections. This process is actually known as a method developed in different areas of physics. With this method, it will be possible to examine the extremely small microorganisms in detail. So far, the results of the studies revealed that the importance of bacteria and microbes is much more than that known.

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