Disney + Streaming Tips: Super Brain With Tennis Shoes And Other Oddities

When looking through the Disney + film lists, you can discover many pearls from earlier times. The Star Wars and Marvel productions are certainly highlights of the streaming service, but everyone knows them anyway. This text is about not so obvious films: classics and obscure fantastic films that you can rediscover with your kids or that you can become nostalgic about yourself. But even without an emotional connection to past times there is something worth seeing.

The cat from space (1978)

Disney also clings to the science fiction hype triggered by Star Wars at the end of the 1970s – albeit in a more typical manner for the company, namely with plenty of cute entertainment. In The Cat from Space, an alien cat is stranded on Earth and needs the help of some scientists to repair her damaged spaceship and to be able to return home. However, the authorities and foreign spies are also after the extraterrestrial visitor.

The film is primarily entertainment for children who are a little overwhelmed by "real" science fiction. It's a little silly and cheesy, but – as usual at Disney – it has the heart in the right place and is very entertaining. In addition, the film practically takes E.T. – The alien and the series Alf in advance. For everyone who would like to watch the film in German, it should be said: It currently has no German soundtrack.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes – Super Brain with Tennis Shoes (1969)

More than 50 years after its creation, this film is particularly fascinating with regard to the representation of computers. Because back then Hollywood trusted the devices more than was possible in reality. In The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, a young man at college has an accident with a computer, which gives him the ability to perfectly remember and apply whatever knowledge he has acquired.

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It is also amusing that the main role is played by Kurt Russell – the teenage action hero was still a Disney star.

Frankenweenie (1984)

Many are probably familiar with the animated film, but the 30-minute short film by Tim Burton from 1984 is even more worth seeing. The atmospheric black and white tells the story of Victor, whose dog Sparky is killed in a traffic accident. Victor takes Sparky back from the grave and revives him with the help of enormous energies. However, the neighbors consider Sparky to be a monster and so they are chased to the famous, giant windmill model on the mini golf course.

With this film, Burton pays homage to the universal monster films of the 1930s in general and James Whales Frankenstein (1931) in particular. In the 30 minutes of its duration, Frankenweenie is a lovingly designed homage to the classic, uses similar motifs and settings that correspond directly to Whale's film. Frankenweenie is at the same time something like a blueprint for Burton's perhaps most beautiful fairy tale, Edward with the scissor hands. Both here and there it is about a misunderstood creature that is hated and hunted for its looks. But in contrast to the later Edward, who is denied happiness with his love, Sparky meets his bride.

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