Disney will not be able to publish Star Wars movies until 2024

Disney will not be able to broadcast Star Wars movies in its broadcast service until 2024 due to an agreement that it has made in 2016.

Disney has announced that it is ready to set up its own broadcast platform with a message from late last year. For the company, which explains that all Disney productions are now only on this platform, this move is very logical, because it is a wise move to monetize instead of many platforms like Netlix. Unfortunately, Star Wars movies will not be available for 5 years on the platform that will start broadcasting in 2019.

Disney has handed over the TV Star rights of the original Star Wars series to the Turner Broadcasting until 2024, This detail should be annoying for Disney, who then decides to open up its own platform, because Star Wars is one of the most watched and interesting series, a great resource for Disney.


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Nevertheless, the latest films from Star Wars and Marvel's films featuring Disney's rights will be sufficient for the platform to attract attention and preference in the first place. Another development related to the issue is that Disney can no longer renew its deal with Netflix. So now no Disney movie will be added to Netflix, which is a bad news for Netflix.