DIY HiFi box – good sound for little money

Our building instructions for a DIY box do not want to outshine high-end test winners, but simply offer a lot of sound for little money. The basis is the Dynavox DY166-9A as woofer and the tweeter DX159 for around 32 euros. If you still have MDF or chipboard remains lying around, you can get our sounding pair of speakers for less than 50 euros. This project also brings boxing beginners a taste.

The self-made HiFi box freshly assembled and glued.

In addition to the building instructions, the current Make provides a detailed introduction to the world of loudspeakers: How do loudspeakers actually work? How do you create optimal sound at low frequencies and why is it so difficult? How do you calculate the perfect box size? How do you get old boxes from the flea market back into shape? And how many pieces of cake can you eat while watching the glue in the DIY box dry?

In Make 2/20 we show two smart plant paradises to replicate: a planter with automatic watering and a mini greenhouse with sensors for soil moisture, temperature, humidity and light. There is part 2 of our ESP-CAM, because the inexpensive ESP32 camera module invites you to experiment – not only with image processing including face recognition, but also with optics and lenses: we show how to adapt old 35mm lenses. We also explain how to equip LEGO sets with light and sound.

There is more on the topic in issue 2/20 of the Make.

You can find these and other articles in the new issue 2/20 of Make, which is available online and at the kiosk from today. With one of our subscriptions the booklet was already in the mailbox. If you prefer to read the Make digitally, you can do that in our apps for iOS and Android or as PDF version of the Heise Shop. You can also find the Make 2/20 table of contents online.


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