Diyanet 'Phenomenon, Be a good parent' Video

The Presidency of Religious Affairs has released a new video in which social media phenomena and social messages are given to those who wish to become phenomena. In the video, olma Don't be a phenomenon, be a good parent ”message warns parents about social media addiction, not children.

Social media phenomena are now being discussed and discussed more than traditional media celebrities. Even now “Micro phenomenon” There are many people we can call. These phenomena, followed by millions, hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of people, share almost all their lives on the internet.

On the other hand, there are children where technology addiction is becoming a serious problem. Parents can cause serious harm to them by thinking that they keep their children busy with smartphones. OK then trying to be an internet phenomenonthat is, parents who are dependent on technology before their child.

The last video of the Diyanet directly targeted those parents:

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In the video, we witness the moments in which two mothers meet with the Internet phenomenon. Meanwhile, the two mothers multiple children that we have. The other mother in the footage talks about her last holiday, her followers, as it is a social media phenomenon. The mother who interviewed her on the social media phenomenon the care represents the sector.

Meanwhile, both mothers stop caring for their children and talk about social media fame, while children are left without indifference. It is not known how effective the message given in the public spot style video is. On the other hand, there are many mothers or fathers who are now social media phenomena. Moreover, a significant portion of the other parents extremely good sample be able to.

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In this video, the Presidency of Religious Affairs is trying to emphasize that not everything consists of virtual likes and virtual fame. You can see how clear the message is. our readers Let's leave. You can state your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.