Do not panic about the decline in bitcoin prices!

John McAfee took a tweet about the ongoing price fluctuations and the gloomy sight of the market. Also on John McAfee's tweet on the EOS mainstream launch. There are speculations surrounding the hurricane market as it is today. John McAfee, on the other hand, is concerned with the decline in Bitcoin's price, and the ongoing investigation into price manipulation in the crypto money market.

 John McAfree: Do not panic about the decline in bitcoin price
John McAfee: Do not panic about the decline in bitcoin price

John McAfree: panic about bitcoin price decline

John McAfee made the following share via his Twitter account:

Do not panic about the decline in the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin, Bitstamp, Coinbase, iTBit and Kraken are overreacting for reports on price manipulation inquiries continuing through stock markets. This will delay the bull market more than 30 days.

We previously reported that the US Department of Justice started an investigation into price manipulation in Bitcoin with the US Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC). The price manipulation investigation of the crypto money market continues.

Crypto continues to investigate price manipulation in the money market

Following the first Bitcoin futures contract, which was completed in January, the CME has received a detailed buy-in from four stock exchanges to share their sales data. Many of the stock exchanges, however, refused to cooperate, stating that they were intrusive. After the CME restricted the demand to a few hours instead of the whole day, the stock exchange shared some users' data. This has upset the CFTC. It also caused the CFTC to become more susceptible to price manipulation. [19659000] John McAfee supports EOS investors

[19659000] These speculations suggest that Bitcoin price should be lower than the price of Bitcoin It cost $ 7,000. Bitcoin fell below $ 7,797 with a decrease of more than 7% per night. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at 6.780 dollars with a decrease of 7.47%. Bitcoin now has a market value of $ 115.8 billion. Bitcoin's current market dominance is inversely proportional to 38.7% and overall market price increases. John McAfee also supports EOS investors who are waiting for an increase in EOS prices after the launch of their home network with tweeti.


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