Do You Know That Octopuses Have 3 Hearts?

There are a total of 3 hearts in octopuses from the mysterious creatures of the seas.

The octopuses, famous for being a living species with eight arms, have many features that are rarely known in fact. According to the researches done by the scientists; the most intelligent creatures in the world are horses, dogs, dolphins, pigs and monkeys, followed by turtles and rabbits in birds. After these creatures, scientists believe that the octopuses, which are not included in any other group, are also very intelligent.

Yes the octopuses have eight claws, and these arms help them to get away from their enemies and fight off. If any of these points are torn, replace it with new one. On the other hand, because octopuses have a very soft and flexible body, they can even pass through holes that are not as big as their eyes.

One of the most extraordinary features of octopuses is their ability to change color and texture. A striped octopus can suddenly turn into a spotted octopus. Moreover, the color change intervals are quite frequent. They observed that they could change the image nearly 1000 times within 7 hours.

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