Docademic (MTC) will be the winner when the markets are up!

John McAfee is one of the most talked-about names in the crypto world and is known for his recent price quotes for crypto paralysis. McAfee has repeatedly made predictions about the market and crypto paralara. A few weeks ago, John McAfee predicted that the Docademic (MTC) crypt money would be $ 2.50 in July.

John McAfee: "The winner will be when the Docademic (MTC) market improves."

Today, John McAfee Twitter made the following share:

Docademic fell 0.15 bucks ($ 0.02 on May 12). The highest performing crypto money we've had in months.

With Tweet, McAfee posted an image. In this image, McAfee says:

You have to ask yourself a question. Did I buy Docademic today?

Maccattack is a named Twitter user, commenting on McAfee's share:

How much money did you get for this tweet? Why am I following you?

John McAfee replied to Maccattack's comment:

Look at five of my estimates. Keep your bitcoin longer than 45 days. If you spread your investment equally (like all smart people), you will have doubled your money. Show me everything in the crypto sector that's close to me.

 John McAfee: Winning when the Docademic (MTC) markets get better
John McAfee: Winning when the Docademic (MTC) market improves!

Weekly Docrama price declined by 37.7 percent

Docademic is a platform between Doctors and Patients, aiming to provide primary health care with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and to provide unlimited access to doctors all year round. Docademic can trade on four exchanges with HitBTC stock exchange for maximum trading volume. Borsa offers three trading pairs for MTC / BTC, MTC / ETH and MTC / USDT for Docademic. At the time of writing, Docademic is trading at 0.15% with a decrease of 6.15%. Docademic has a market value of $ 44 million right now. Our weekly MTC transaction price fell by 37.7%.


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