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Blockchain applications such as Documentchain enable document management systems to safeguard authorship. The digital Coin-DMS Documentchain can now also be used via the mobile wallet “Flits App” for iOS and Android devices. With the wallet, documentary evidence is stored decentrally.

In blockchain applications such as the document chain, important features of a document file, regardless of the format, can be revision-proof and protected from manipulation be safely stored. Provided with a time stamp, it can thus be proven since when and with what content a document has already existed. Users are also able to reliably prove the authorship of a document, an invention, a song or a construction. Anyone who uses the Documentchain can store evidence of documents in a decentralized manner, accessible worldwide.

Blockchain applications
Documentchain was expanded to include the “Flits App” mobile wallet. (Image: software office Krekeler)

Blockchain applications: DMS Coins in the mobile wallet

Software office Krekeler
Harald Krekeler is the managing director of the Krekeler software company.

“In Document chain Document transactions are paid for with the project’s own digital currency DMS. It is a generally applicable crypto currency, similar to Bitcoin, so that DMS can also be used as a means of payment on other Internet platforms, for example, ”explains Harald Krekeler, managing director of the Krekeler software office and developer of Documentchain. The original wallet DMS Core, comparable to a digital wallet for storing the coins, is published as an open source project on Github and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

A mobile wallet for smartphones has also been available since October 2020: DMS Coins can now also be used in the mobile Flits app for iOS and Android. Flits-App is an application from the Dutch provider Blockworks BV that combines wallets, masternodes and staking. “The app not only enables you to pay, receive and hold DMS and others Cryptocurrencies, it also offers a very simple option for operating a document chain masternode within a few seconds, ”says Krekeler happily.

Mining and masternodes: the supporters of the documentchain

Through mining, new blocks of data are encrypted on a blockchain, added to the existing data chain and new coins are created in the process. Computing power is required for mining, which is provided by the participants in the blockchain and which is shared with newly created coins is rewarded. “In addition to mining, the provision of a masternode is another way of generating coins. Masternodes save a copy of the entire blockchain, are available continuously, manage instant payments and secure the network, ”explains Harald Krekeler.

A computer with a stable internet connection and the DMS wallet are required to operate a masternode. “The operation of a masternode is a possibility to receive new DMS Coins regularly. A small virtual server (VPS) can be rented for this. If you don’t want that, you can simply activate the Flits app, ”adds the industrial engineer.

Blockchain applications
Office Manager is characterized by a user-friendly interface. (Image: software office Krekeler)

The Documentchain developed that Software office Krekeler, which has been offering the Office Manager DMS DMS solution for more than 20 years. This supports the fast digitization and management of business communication as well as the indexed and revision-proof electronic archiving of documents, files and e-mails in accordance with GoBD. For this purpose, Office Manager offers a central, access-controlled document management system and electronic processing of scanned documents. (sg)

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