Does Marriage Sites Like Pink Blinds Make People Happy

There are a lot of people who use websites or social media platforms to find a match. This situation not only in Turkey, is available all over the world. Our lives are increasingly moving to the internet. What about scientific research and what do people say about people who get married on the internet?

Pink Blinds, Siberalem, Eçift, Gönülden Lovers, Nasipse, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… The list goes so long that we cannot prevent it. Marriage-focused internet sites are almost as old as the internet itself. So for many years people have been serious marriage sites glances

Paid or free dating and marriage sites have become a major industry. Most sites like Pink Blinds have a premium or gold membership It consists of the packages we call the name. So how happy are the people who enter these sites and reach their intentions? Regarding the subject psychology We have compiled some scientific researches. The internet for you scientific we have a summary.

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The process started by logging in to a website like Pink Blinds, for some people can not find what they are looking for cancellation of membership. Pink Blinds and those who download the mobile applications of similar sites, search for suitable peers continue day and night. Those who cannot reach their goals as a result of this period, can enter into psychologically serious crisis.

To get married Pink Blinds or the number of people who pay monthly fees to services such as Siberalem. Most sites free messaging Because of the lack of features, costs are added to the work. Already free Marriage site As well as virtually none exist, even if you do not pass through fake users.

Internet sites such as how many people from getting married with pink shutters in Turkey?

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The most recent TURKSTAT research on the subject belongs to 2016. According to statistics, only 3% of Turkish youth between the ages of 18-24 are getting married on the internet. But again we would like to underline that the figure Users up to 24 years Cover. The same research, 1 out of every 4 young people look hot to get married on the internet revealed.

If you take into account the intervening years and other age groups, the rate of those getting married on the internet is increasing. The real important detail here is not the ones who get married, but the hot ministers who want to get married from the internet, the rate of those who spend time, cash and labor for it. It is difficult to put it clearly. As a matter of fact, with the internet taking over our lives, this ratio for all age groups in the coming years 50% It is not difficult to predict.

Considering that Turkey has become an important tool in the internet as much electricity as the proportion of internet users in order to get electricity from other people big increase we can see. Similarly, the ease of mobile communication is a detail that speeds up the process from start to finish.

Two important scientific researches revealing the relationship between marriage and happiness on the Internet:

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The first of these studies belongs to the Pew Research Center. Both of them give the psychological dimensions of marriage online and happiness rates properly. Pew's research revealed that between 2005 and 2012 19 thousand 131 people has been realized with the participation of.

As a result of the research, it is discovered that marriages that are introduced by internet are less likely to divorce than traditional marriages. In other words, those who married sites such as Pink Blinds happier than married They become. Of course, these figures are an average and may not reflect the reality for each couple, each individual.

Of course the internet is just the beginning. Ultimately, marriage is a phenomenon that develops depending on people's socio-economic status, age, tendency to violence and individual psychology. Therefore happiness meeting online it doesn't seem possible to connect.

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The second important research is from Stanford University. Dr. It belongs to Michael J. Rosenfeld. According to Rosenfeld, the most important detail that makes people who meet on the internet more happy is that they have already learned about each other. People who enter their profiles through the sites and get preliminary information, when they meet the person they will marry or make friends will have general information about him. This is psychologically safer relationship makes it easy to install.

According to the same study, it is understood that those who center their religious beliefs in marriage are more result oriented. In other words, the aim of getting married and establishing a home soon seems more dominant in this group. Even private users in the United States that this can become a member of the Christian in Turkey Islamic marriage sites available.

The reason for the end of marriages realized thanks to the internet is the internet:

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The most important factor in Rosenfeld's research was the reasons for the divorce of marriages that began with the Internet. It is difficult to determine how much the Internet affects people's loyalty. However, the biggest divorce of couples married on the internet The reason is deceived. Guess where those couples are cheating each other? Again from the internet.

How will people marry in the future on the Internet?


Tackling the impact of technological developments on our social lives Black Mirror There is a good part about this. Fourth season Hang the DJ section, the future of marriage sites are explained. People are no longer through sites, but completely artificial worlds They meet through.

Although he has a slightly exaggerated language, Black Mirror blends technology and themes of finding the person to be married very well. By the way for those who don't watch nice advice get.

Another advice on the subject is Her film. In this film, we see a love that is serious about marriage. But this love is not realized between two people, but between an artificial intelligence with a female voice and a man. The film deals with human emotions in great detail and the fact that happiness is not really related to technology. our face He shoots.

Conclusion: Let's get married, we are on the way to the wedding of the Internet


It doesn't matter on the internet or in traditional ways. Getting married is the beginning of everything. Everything that happens after that belongs to the world of individuals. Yes, people who meet on the Internet without talking about each other detailed information they can have. But the phenomenon of cohabitation can change all dynamics.

Scientific research shows that internet marriages continue happier. As a matter of fact, these studies and data do not belong to the future, but to the past. Therefore, with the technological changes to be experienced in the coming years, marriage or short-term relationships all dynamics may vary.

Considering that a giant like Facebook, like Dating, is an application that focuses only on the love affair, we can discuss the possibility of even getting married on the internet in the future. The spread of technologies such as 5G, the smallest even in town and village it will enable people to do all their work through the internet.

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We don't know how happy marriage can make people, but online marriage will become an important sector that continues to grow in the near future. From this After 2-3 generations The entire communication channel of people to be born can become the internet. Scientific research is now focusing not only on the size of the marriage but also on our entire social life.

What do you think about these sites and applications? on your mind in the comments section Be sure to specify.

Resources: Psycologytoday, Sociological Science (M. J. Rosenfeld, Standford University)