Does Social Media Make a Demand for Youth?

Researchers are not sure about the impact of social media on young people. In some research, social media can play a positive role in the development of young people, while suicide can drag on the other side.

Do you think that social media is effective in harming people themselves? It is clear that it is bad for some people, but it does affect social media in a good way. For this reason, researchers can not make a definite judgment.


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The Times fingered to talk about the news that he published today. In the news, in 1997, 7327 young girls hurt themselves; last year, the number of 13 thousand 463'da reported that climbed. The impact of the social media on the increase of this number has begun to be discussed through the figures given.


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Royal College Psychiatrist Jon Goldin said that the images on the internet create "self-comparison" and "fear of kidnapping something" on young girls. In a similar study last year, the tendency to self-harm between 2011 and 2014 is on the rise. In addition, some researchers say that consumption of drugs and alcohol has increased since the widespread use of social media.


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In addition to the pestilences, there are also people who claim that social media is not bad influence on the young mass and contributes to the development of the individual, even small. According to researchers, the biggest cause of unhappiness is social media, not the rapid change of the world in social and economic areas.