Does the increase of home workers pose a security risk?

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, companies and organizations around the world are going to work remotely or work from home, popularly known. So can this cause a security vulnerability?

Coronavirus outbreak Afterwards, many organizations, including Webtekno, started their work remotely or from home. As a result, internet services gained great importance.

Internet and whenever technology is on the agenda privacy and security threads are coming. While an important part of working life starts to happen over the internet connection, of course measures needs to be taken.

Is the internet strong enough?

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Internet and informatics now it keeps life going all over the world. Companies' employees home from work wants him to do it. Education and training activities will also be held on the internet.

According to the news of CNN The U.S. Air Force its own virtual private network, only 72 thousand can support simultaneous use of the person. On the other hand, the number of staff of the US Air Force working from home 145 thousand. It also has 130 thousand contract employees. Of course, this is just one example. Doctors will start visiting via video call, employees will do business with remote access.


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How suitable are infrastructures for working from home?

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If you need to talk about our country, first of all legal / legal side needs to be addressed. Currently, regulations need to be made in the law for working from home. For this purpose, arrangements will be made, announced recently. In the package of 100 billion pounds is also included. (For example, some departments could not submit exams and homework on the internet).

Secondly infrastructure power is coming to the agenda. Infrastructure needs to be as strong as needed. Although there have been problems in the past in this regard, required courses we hope it was removed.


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The third stage is security becomes the concept. More internet use more vulnerable it has the potential to cause. For this, people and users of systems must take precautions.

More remote access and computing use of Of course, it is one of the first alternatives that people think of, especially in such difficult times. It is not easy to use this method, but it is not impossible.

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