Domestic and National War Planes, Before 2023 in the Sky

In the National Defense Industry, IDPs and IDPs play a major role. Worldwide in signing the success of Unmanned Aerial our vehicles, checking Turkey's airspace.

Specifically sihai thanks Baykan these days it starts to decline significantly terrorist target machine Technical Manager Selcuk Bayraktar Baykara center for a long time gave the expected gospel .

Bayraktar, "drones the pre hopefully in 2023, 1.5 tons of cargo that can carry more strategic tasks, we will fly the unmanned aerial vehicle engaged in hope 2019. began selling in Turkey SIH in. we we bought a mini in 2012. Now he started to go elders. Qatar, Ukraine. "

Bayraktar stated that one of the best investments to reduce terrorism is unmanned vehicles, he explained" They did not give us unmanned aerial vehicles nor ammunition to us from outside "and then continued: [19659005] "They did not want to end terrorism The terrorist incidents in the past two years have been very small, because unmanned aerial vehicles are being used very effectively. 58 of them are Bayraktar. While we are talking, 15 of them are in the air. This number will increase to 50. When we deliver unmanned aerial vehicles, the job is not over. We also provide training. My three-year anniversary passed in the Southeast together. Afrin operation was also equipped with our very special technologies. Bayraktar TB1 is the best in the world in its class. whether the anti-terrorism campaign so far Turkey is no other country that uses this technology. "


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An immeasurable contribution to money

Bayraktar said that imports were prevented by the production of JHA. "It is not measured by this money, it is billions of dollars to be measured."