Driverless Vehicles May Transform to Death Machine

Artificial intelligence has brought many imaginative technologies to life, 10 years ago, but all these developments bring catastrophic scenarios together.

The extent to which the use areas of high technology such as artificial intelligence can expand is both ethical and technical He is in the center of a debate. There are some ethical issues, but it's hard to get a common idea.

Guy Caspi, the CEO of the cyber security company Deep Instinct, also has an interesting comment on the issue. found. According to Caspi, driverless vehicles can be transformed into a death machine and this will happen in the not too distant future. Behind Caspi's explanation is the possibility that artificial intelligence and similar technologies can easily be hacked. If we think that even the safest systems can be hacked in some way, we can see that explanations are very logical.

In the past days, the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Sweden took some very important decisions about the subject and discussed what the artificial intelligence could do and what he should never do. Many technology leaders and members, including Elon Musk, have also reached an agreement on this issue, explaining that autonomous weapons should never be passed on, and will in no way support development and use.

According to this decision, artificial intelligence will never be used in the production of weapons, but we never know what your future will bring to the forefront. We already know that machines have the ability to 'recognize' people, and many people who have a say are afraid that in the future this will turn into knowing and killing people.



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We are witnessing the development of many technologies that are becoming more and more a science fiction or dystopic story. Fortunately, the world states and companies are currently being sensitive to this issue and many agreements are being signed. Nevertheless, we must know that the only scenario for the future is that there is no universe for which technology is used for good, and we must make ourselves conscious together with the society.