Drone is Used in Combating Climate Change

Tropical forests have an important place for the carbon cycle on the planet. Damage to forests in forests is a major problem that causes climate change. The idea of ​​using a drone to get to the bottom of the problem can be of great benefit.

Scientists are actively working to prevent climate change. Different research groups all over the world are trying to create new solutions in order to be prepared for a potential danger waiting for our planet while at the same time they try to prevent and discover the factors that cause this chaos.

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Tropical rainforest is of great importance for the carbon balance of the planet. In addition to absorbing a large portion of the carbon dioxide produced, these trees also store 30 percent of the carbon content in the world. Therefore, the protection of trees in tropical forests is not only for human life; it is also important in terms of the balance of nature and other creatures.


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Researchers in this region have discovered that the forests are in danger because of the rapidly growing ivy and vegetation. For this reason, investigations were carried out in certain areas and the reasons underlying these behaviors of fast-growing ivy plants were investigated. started working with drones in the region. It is thought that the field of studies starting with a small area will be expanded in the first place. When the study with Drone succeeded in yielding the same effect as the humanized experiments, the team decided to advance their next work this way.


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The team, which expects to gain substantial financial gain thanks to unmanned aerial vehicles, will also have the opportunity to examine some of the ivy species climbing to the height that people cannot reach.