Drones to be Used in Combating Coronavirus in the UK

England, one of the countries most affected by coronavirus in the world, applies to drones in the fight against epidemic. The country's civil aviation agency has announced they are preparing to ease restrictions on drones.

More than 3.7 million people infected and more than 256 thousand people died coronavirusescontinues to affect life negatively worldwide. Anti-virus efforts are also continuing, which has a negative impact on the economy and health.

One of these studies takes place in England. British Civil Aviation Authority (Civil Aviation Authority / CAA)is preparing to loosen its restrictions on drones in the country.

Drone assistance in the fight against coronavirus:


According to the news that NTV is based on the British press coronavirus outbreak During the period, these aircraft will be used for the transportation of test kits and medical equipment. Deliveries through the use of drones in transport operations in the 23-page action plan published by the competent authority cheaper and faster in a way. In the transportation processes to be carried out by these aircraft, the regions where transportation is difficult will be easily reached.

According to The Telegraph newspaper published in England, the first delivery with drones within the scope of the project is in England's southeastern region and located in the English Channel. Isle of WightWas made to. 380 km2ndA total of 141 thousand people live on this island.

island of wight


First Coronavirus Case Detected in France in December

Until now in England, where the first coronavirus case was seen in February More than 194 thousand coronavirus case has been detected. The number of people who died due to coronavirus 29 thousand It exceeded. The UK is the 4th country with the most coronavirus cases in the world. The country, which ranks second worldwide in coronavirus-related deaths, is in Europe first place. There is no information on the number of patients recovering in the country.

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