Drugstore chain introduces new system across Germany – eCommerce Magazin

Especially in times of Corona, the wins contactless payment and thus also cashless payment massively in importance.

Contactless payment for more hygiene

“Cashless shopping is recommended for hygienic reasons. We want to offer this to our customers and our local staff. With the proven Mobile payment solution from Bluecode can now be paid easily, quickly and securely at Rossmann throughout Germany “, announces Peter Dreher, managing director of finance and administration at Rossmann, and adds:” The simple integration into our merchandise management and cash register system enables not only cashless payments, but in the future also the seamless linking of added value and greatly enhances the shopping experience. ”

Secure mobile payment according to European standards

The mobile payment solution Bluecode can be used at Rossmann directly via the Bluecode app (iOS and Android) and is gaining increasing acceptance in Germany. In future, it will also be possible to use numerous banking apps that have integrated the Bluecode payment function.

The payment process at the checkout is quick, easy and secure: the customer opens the Bluecode app and, after entering a security PIN or touch or face ID, is shown a blue barcode that is valid once. The cashier scans this Bluecode from the customer’s smartphone and the amount due is debited from the customer’s bank account. A new barcode that does not contain any personal data is generated for each payment process.

contactless payment
Christian Pirkner, CEO Blue Code International AG Image: Blue Code International AG

Christian Pirkner, CEO of Bluecode, adds: “We are delighted to be able to contribute to the issues of hygiene and security when paying together with Rossmann in times of Covid-19 and in compliance with the high European data protection standards.”

A European mobile payment solution for banks and retailers

Bluecode works closely with European banks and local retailers and supports them in becoming less dependent on non-European payment systems and in keeping the added value of mobile payments in Europe. The European mobile payment solution for contactless payment Bluecode works in German-speaking countries in connection with all current accounts in Austria and Germany, in compliance with the high European data protection standards.

“Retailers particularly appreciate the completely contactless payment by smartphone, but they also benefit from the payment guarantee and more attractive conditions in connection with end-customer-relevant added value,” says Christian Pirkner, explaining the advantages for retailers and continues: “Banks can do theirs with a European solution Increase future income from cashless payment transactions and secure your valuable customer base including sensitive payment information. ”

Rossmann As usual, relies on its proven payment service provider Payone for the processing of Bluecode and relies on its wide range of solutions and expertise. Niklaus Santschi, CEO of Payone, adds: “We are very pleased that we can now expand our long-term partnership with Rossmann for the processing of cashless payments to include the European mobile payment method Bluecode in all German branches: Bluecode is simple, fast, safe and hygienic and thus an ideal extension of the current Rossmann payment mix. ”

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