DTP: Facebook photos can be imported directly to Google

Already today, Facebook is releasing a new feature in Ireland. It should be able to transfer photos and videos easily and quickly from the social network to Google Photos – without a down and upload in between. Worldwide, users will be able to use the service from the beginning of next year. More providers are to follow.

The function has Facebook in a blog post announced. It was created as part of the Data Transfer Project (DTP), a collaboration with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter. The goal of the tech giants is to transfer data securely from one service to another. This is done through existing APIs and authentication mechanisms. These are used by the service, which then converts the data into a standardized format and hands it over to the target platform.

From the open source project, Facebook hopes that it will use other services. Of course, the social network is also concerned with the security of users' data. Apart from the verification of the services among themselves and by the users, data will be sent encrypted self-explanatory. It could even incorporate other authentication methods of the individual providers. As soon as a transfer is completed, the connection will also be cut off.

Originally, Google launched the project in 2018, most recently joined Apple in the summer of this year. The code that on GitHub is primarily intended to come from developers of Google and Microsoft. "The DTP wants to improve the ecosystem of data transmission by reducing the infrastructure on the part of the provider and the user – which in turn leads to an increasing number of providers of the service," they said in the white paper on the DTP, The background explained there to build such a project is, however, with a pack Schmalz: It "brings the users peace of mind".


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