DxOMark Updated LG V40 ThinQ's Score.

DxOMark Updated LG V40 ThinQ's Score. V40 ThinQ's new score 94.

In the LG V40 ThinQ review, DxOMark increased the score of the device to a score of 94 with an original score of 94. The correction was due to the fact that DxOMark realized that they had made a mistake in their tests.


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The change of the rating from 83 to 88 and the photo score increased from 96 to 98 increased to 94. DxOMark analysts think that the photos taken by the device in the interior look beautiful, while the ones taken outdoors are less interesting.


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Although the phone's 1 point increase will not have much effect, it is obvious that LG's V series has achieved considerable success. DxOMark's review is available here