E-Cigarette Blast Caused a Man to Die

The death of a man found dead in the fire at home in early May appeared to be the result of electronic cigarette explosion, not fire.

Electronic cigarette use is increasing at a rapid pace. People who advocate that they are not as harmless as cigarettes continue to use it without realizing it is actually very dangerous. So far, many electronic cigarette explosions have been encountered, but no death has ever happened.

A man named Tallmadge Wakeman D'Elia had found a dead man in his house in the last days of the fire, but the results of the autopsy showed that the situation was different from what he saw. According to the autopsy report, D'Elia is the cause of death, the electronic cigarette that he uses, and the hit of his body and parts.

It is thought that this explosion was caused by the fire that follows. According to the information provided, D'Elia's thermal injury to her body, including the chest, shoulders, abdomen, back, arm and hand, has occurred. Electronic cigarettes are as dangerous as a 'small hand held rocket' in the event of the death of their pill, according to an official Steven Lawrence's statement.



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Electronic cigarettes are said to have caused more than 195 fires in the United States alone in the years 2009-2017, and 33% of these fires have resulted in serious injuries and property damage. There's no way to predict the explosion and it's happening suddenly. A high sound, fire and shattering parts pose a major risk.