E Ink: New e-paper display shows colors

The display manufacturer E Ink has introduced a new e-paper display that can display text and images in color and not just in shades of gray. In addition to black, Print-Color E-Paper also uses red, green and blue pixels. These colors, which are often used in display technology, can also be mixed to create additional tones. The new panel should be thinner and lighter than similar e-paper displays. The Taiwan newspaper reports Ctimes,

Job market

  1. Goodrich Lighting Systems GmbH, Lippstadt
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There is also a reason for this: instead of a color filter lying above the display, which breaks the light into different color spectra, the print color display uses colored electronic paper. Like other e-paper displays and in contrast to LC displays, the individual pixels do not light up themselves and do not renew at 60 Hertz or more. Instead, pixels are only changed when a signal voltage is applied. This technology saves a lot of energy and enables battery readings of several weeks for e-readers. However, moving images are very difficult to implement, which is why the technology is more of a niche product than e-readers.

For education and sales

However, the new technology should be used more for the education market or commercial purposes, since inexpensive devices are initially more important than colored displays in the e-reader market. It is not without reason that products such as the Amazon Kindle with a black and white display are sold at low prices.

Ctimes states that a colored e-paper display could be suitable for electronic notepads, for example. It could also be used as a colorful advertising poster or as a price tag. In the area of ​​e-readers, the colored display could also establish itself in comics, mangas or graphic novels.

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