EA Announces FIFA Servers Crashing

Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA and Apex Legends game servers have crashed and therefore players cannot connect to servers. EA's general support Twitter account also confirmed that they had problems with websites, games and services.

Electronic Arts (EA), Fifa made a statement regarding the server problems that his players are experiencing today. EAexplained that they were aware of complaints that players had trouble connecting to EA servers and investigated the issue. The statement also noted that creating matches was temporarily disabled to prevent disconnections.

FIFA Mobile's Twitter account also announced that there was a problem connecting to the servers. In the announcement, when teams investigate the problem and get more information update will be shared I was told. Electronic Arts' general support account on Twitter also announced that the company had problems with its websites, games and services. According to GameSpot, except FIFA Apex Legends Games like were also affected by the server problem.

The second major depression this month

Apex Legends

Wishing to access FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4 and FIFA 17 on Xbox One Polygon The team said it was unsuccessful. Many players on Twitter, Ultimate Team and reported that the online game has crashed.

EA has not yet provided information on when to fix the problem. The new server crash is the second major server issue affecting EA games this month. Apex Legends 'fourth season called Assimilation and the new character'RevenantThis issue, which arose after the emergence of, recently received a major update. Star Wars Battlefront II It is estimated to have affected in the same way.



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Many players started to give up the game due to serious server problems in Apex Legends, which was launched as an alternative to PUBG and Fortnite and is expected to achieve success in this way. Apex Legends players who gather in the gaming community on Reddit are experienced problems They reported. While some players stated that they encountered the error screen during the game and this situation was quite annoying, some Reddit users also showed the problem they experienced in the game. screen images He had shared.

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