EA Originals Game Lost in Random Release Date Announced

The release date of Lost in Random, which will be the ninth game in the EA Originals series, was announced on EA Play Live. The game, which will focus on a character trying to save his sister, is coming on September 10.

Inspired by the Tim-Burton design, Lost in Random, the latest game in the EA Original series, is coming soon. According to the information on EA Play Live, players will try to solve the dark secret of Random in the game, which will be released on September 10. will embark on adventures in six different worlds.

The protagonist of the game, Even, embarks on an adventure with the help of the character Dicey to save his sister Odd. Dicey’s abilities to change time and the world help Even in his adventure. Players will use Dicey’s powers when encountering fearsome enemies in the game. As you can see in the trailer of the gameplay video, the game is not very scary, but the developer Zoink seems to have created a pretty good atmosphere.

Cards in the game will give the character various powers

lost in random

As they progress through Lost in Random, players will be able to utilize cards, set traps or use ‘summon’ weapons to deal powerful blows to enemies, ‘summon’ shields and cast healing spells during the match. One of the cards is Dicey. can turn it into a time bomb; But don’t worry, the character itself is not affected by the damage.


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Lost in Random; Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 ve Xbox Series X ve S’te oynanabilecekken PC sürümü him Origin’de him the Steam’de will be presented to the players. Lost in Random will be the ninth game in the series, following EA Originals titles such as Knockout City, It Takes Two, Unravel, and Fe. ‘Fe’, one of the games mentioned, is also a game developed by Zoink.

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