Earthquake in the Aegean Sea: There Are Buildings Destroyed

A major earthquake occurred in the Aegean Sea. According to the Kandilli Observatory, the 6.6-magnitude earthquake was felt almost everywhere from Istanbul to Bodrum. Although there is no clear information, it is reported that there are destroyed buildings in some parts of Izmir.

Turkey’s earthquake, one of the most painful facts showed himself once again. According to the data of Kandilli Rasahtanesi, the Aegean Sea, Magnitude 6.6 it was shaken by an earthquake. According to the first information obtained, earthquake, The entire Aegean Region was felt in a large part of the Marmara Region.

Of the great earthquake Happened at 14:51 expressed. When we look at the posts made on social media platforms, we see that the earthquake was felt strongly in many cities, especially in Izmir. Moreover, some videos on social media were that there are collapsing buildings reveals.

Here is an image on social media

Izmir Earthquake

Due to the heat of the event, it is not possible to obtain clear information. However, in the statements made by İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, for the time being no loss of life or property It was stated. Latest information received, That the loss of property is definitely reveals. We hope there is no loss of life.

Reportedly a building collapsed in Bayraklı


Photo above according to information from social media From Bayraklı withdrew. While it is seen that a building is demolished, it seems that citizens have started rescue efforts in the collapsed building. In addition, it is among the information that ambulance sounds are rising throughout the city. To convey to you new developments about the event we will continue

Here are some images from social media