Eccentric Prediction of Population Growth in the World

It is predicted that the world population will grow by an average of 84 million every year and reach about 10 billion by 2050.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) According to the compilation, 2000 years ago the world population was around 300 million.

Population; It reached 600 million in 1600, 1 billion in 1804, 1.5 billion in 1900 and 7 billion in 2011. The fastest increase in population was observed after 1950. The current world population is 7.7 billion.

The world population is expected to reach 11.2 billion by the end of the century by an average of 84 million every year. Considering that 1 billion people have been added to a world population every 12 years; With the current population growth rate of the world population in 2050 is estimated to reach 10 billion. [19659005] The population of Turkey will find 93.5 million

According to the UNFPA's share of Turkey's population of 80.8 million. In addition, it is thought that about 4.4 million foreigners also live in Turkey. Average age of 30 where 25% of the population in Turkey under the age of 15, and 8% over 65 years. [19659003] people in urban areas and especially in the big cities intensified in Turkey, where the population in 2050 and says it will reach 93.5 million.

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