Echion Technologies: New battery should be able to charge in six minutes

Charge like refueling – dream of electric car drivers. A new British startup has developed a battery that should be charged in a few minutes. The company wants to launch it next year.

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In six minutes, so Echion Technologies, the battery of an electric car is fully charged. Again and again, scientists promise that they have developed such a super-fast charging battery, only to postpone it at once, the technology works in the lab and it will take years before it is ready for series production.

This is different with Echion, a spin-off of the prestigious Cambridge University. Already in the coming year, the company wants to bring the battery to the market. Echion is said to be in contact with chemical companies and battery manufacturers to bring its development into the next generation of batteries.

Echion wants to replace the graphite in the battery with a new kind of powder. This is the key component of the battery, which makes it possible to charge a battery in minutes, said Echion founder Jean De La Verpilliere the local daily Cambridge Independent, He did not comment on the composition of the powder.

Another advantage of the material: It is not flammable. "The problem with normal powders is that they can cause an explosion while fast-loading, unlike graphite, the new material – about which I can not tell you anymore – will hold a quick charge without any security risk."

The company has built and tested the prototype of such a battery, according to De La Verpilliere. Echion wants to start marketing early next year, he said. According to Echion, the material should simply fit into the existing processes of battery production without incurring additional costs. The company can currently produce one kilogram of powder per day, which is enough for a car battery. But that should change.