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In e-commerce, the customer remains invisible to the retailer, but he still has to make sure that the customer feels in the best hands and likes to visit the online shop regularly. Efficient customer management collects, combines and analyzes customer data. This creates a complete picture of the customer who, with the help of this knowledge, can be served exactly according to his preferences and very individually. This improves the customer experience and thus customer loyalty. In the long term, processes can also be optimized and automated, which helps to save costs.

Customer loyalty through personal contacts and tailor-made offers

Once a company really understands its customers, it can develop closer ties with them. For example, it can be determined where and when additional services or products can be sold, contracts extended and further offers made. The professional service employees can use it to address customers precisely according to their interests and, in the event of a complaint or a technical problem, interact with them personally and in a solution-oriented manner. The customer himself determines when and through which channels he comes into contact with online retail. Therefore, the service professionals must offer their customer service through the channels that the customer prefers. In any case, he feels well advised, is satisfied and trusts the company – a valuable relationship that needs to be further developed over the long term.

Customer data – the treasure trove of data in e-commerce

The basis of customer management is the collection of data. It is not enough to rely on your gut instinct: a solid survey and analysis of the Customer data is the building block for understanding the customer’s actions. Customer databases are a real treasure trove of data that need to be raised: Intelligent analysis options of modern customer care solutions enable customers to be assigned to predefined types and profiles in order to identify preferences and continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Those who know exactly what, why and at what interval their customers buy, receive a 360-degree view that can improve the customer experience and initiate innovations.

The maintenance and updating of customer data are therefore the foundation of a serious customer management approach that is critical to success: the collected data can be used to strengthen customer loyalty, identify sales potential and optimize processes. Last but not least, the retailer also recognizes where automation could help him to lower costs.

Customer management: customer advisor or chat robot? As well … as!

Customer management is about providing optimal customer service. This also includes automating recurring standard processes. In this way, customer advisors are relieved and can concentrate on solving more complex and demanding tasks. The respective automation potential is derived from the individual framework conditions, the complexity of the products or services and the market requirements.

Customers should also be the focus when deciding for or against automation. A well and sensibly structured chatbot can meet with open ears with certain customer groups. This includes, for example, young people who want to receive quick answers and for whom digital interaction is part of everyday life. With a chat offer, the retailer not only saves personnel costs for this target group, but also serves precisely their requirements. As a hybrid model, the option of contacting a service employee is the perfect solution for a lasting positive customer experience.

Successful duo – careful analysis and high-performance customer service

Comprehensive customer management is therefore the be-all and end-all on the way to close customer loyalty through optimal omnichannel communication and thus to more sales for the e-commerce business. A strategy that should be carefully planned and professionally implemented. A strong and experienced partner like Capita will always have its offer preceded by a careful and comprehensive analysis and consultation phase.

Jürgen Moormann is Sales Director at Capita. (Image: Capita)

“The aim here is to determine where artificial intelligence can be used to automate customer communication so that digital technology and personal customer service complement each other optimally,” explains Jürgen Moormann, Sales Director of the customer care specialist, which has several locations in Germany and Switzerland “In times of digital change, a competent partner provides not only comprehensive advice, the appropriate recording and analysis tools and digital technologies, but also personnel trained in customer communication, for example for effective customer calls in the telephone service. Holistic customer care solutions put the customer experience in the foreground and at the same time ensure noticeable cost reductions. This increases customer loyalty and sales, and the company saves time and money. ”